Time and Scheduling

Building a strong foundation of efficient processes to manage your diverse workforce in an intuitive, engaging way while controlling labor costs and lowering compliance risk

Configurable Geofencing

Employees can punch in or out from their desktops, laptops or phones right when they get in the door thanks to configurable geofencing


Easy to Use

Checking schedules and changing or swapping shifts is an easy self-service process that integrates seamlessly with employees’ daily lives

Smart Scheduling

Smart scheduling forecasts workload needs and automates shift distribution based on the qualifications and certifications that matter for your industry

Time Off Requests

Managers can approve time off no matter where they are, letting them stay engaged with their teams and responsive to worker needs

Automatic Workflow

System administrators can set up workflows automating key processes so that your platform can respond to activity without human input, moving tasks forward and letting you focus on strategy rather than administrative tasks

The result? You can now spend your time engaging your teams and achieving business goals instead of just keeping the lights on.