Partner With Us

Why partner with Human Elements?

Building relationships focused on communication and mutual respect is the key to any successful collaboration, whether it be clients, partners or employees. Becoming a partner with Human Elements means that we’re going to focus on communication and mutual respect with you as well as your clients.

That may sound great to you but why else would you want to partner with us?


Why should Insurance Brokers partner with us?

  • We don’t compete with you…and never will
  • Add HR experts to your team
  • Add cutting edge technology to your team
  • Immediate access to client information
  • Extensive reporting and enrollment automation
  • Carrier connectivity


Why should Bankers partner with us?

  • Dedicated Client Account Manager
  • Customizable reporting
  • Report automation


Why should CPAs partner with us?

  • Seasoned payroll and HR Staff
  • Exclusive client portal to see all your clients
  • Personal attention
  • SSAE 18 Auditedation


Why should HR Consultants partner with us?

  • Stay connected to your clients every pay period
  • Open additional opportunities with your clients
  • Automate client functionality
  • Open additional opportunities with other Human Elements clients